Vaimo brings together skilled, creative, and passionate people from all over the world. Vaimoers are active and competitive go-getters who are truly dedicated to give their very best and are therefore good at what they do. 


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PJ UTSI, CCO and Co-Founder

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BRENDAN PEO, COO and Vaimo Board Member

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At Vaimo Brendan's most important goal is expanding its global footprint with the aim of creating maximum value for Vaimo's stakeholders. 

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KRISTER LENMAN, CFO and Vaimo Board Member

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Krister oversees Vaimo Group's finances and is also a Partner Manager for Vaimo's international distributors. 

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Markus is Vaimo's Head of Sales. He manages our direct sales as well as sales that come through our partners. 

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ROBIN CARLSSON - Country Manager at Vaimo UK

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As a Country Manager he is responsible for managing key operations within the United Kingdom for the Vaimo group. 

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YURIY FEDORONCHUK - Director of Business Operations

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Yuriy is our Director of Business Operations, and his responsibilities include supporting the service and delivery processes for the whole company.

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LINDA JARMÉUS - Head of Project Management Dept

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Linda possesses vast experience in portfolio management, IT-projects, agile leadership and project management.

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HENRIK FELD-JAKOBSEN - Country Manager at Vaimo Denmark

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Henrik leads the Vaimo Denmark team and is focused on developing the two Denmark offices into becoming the leader in the Danish eCommerce market.

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KATRIN PEO - Head of  Marketing

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Katrin oversees all areas of the Vaimo group branding, marketing, and communication.

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KJETIL SCHØLD HANSEN - Country Manager at Vaimo Norway

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As the Country Manager of Vaimo Norway, Kjetil creates market strategy, and supports the development of Vaimo's products and services.

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MIKA LENO - Country Manager at Vaimo Finland and Vaimo UAE

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Mika is responsible for managing Vaimo key operations for Finland and UAE. 

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KEITA SHIOKAWA - Country Manager at Vaimo Japan
Keita manages Vaimo's reach in the ASEAN region via the Vaimo Japan office.
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KEVIN CLARKE - Country Manager at Vaimo South Africa

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Kevin is responsible for managing Vaimo key operations in South Africa. 

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