From the pristine mountains of Northern Scandinavia to the flourishing world of global eCommerce. 


VAIMO was founded in 2008 on values like quality, speed and excellence through which we have become one of the world's most appreciated experts in eCommerce on the Magento platform. By creating web shops that attract visitors and turn them into customers, we have helped more than 400 merchants reach higher revenues and build stronger brands.

Today, VAIMO is still based in Scandinavia even though we develop web sites for clients all over the world. With offices in Sweden, UK, Finland, Norway, Denmark, UAE, Japan, South Africa, Estonia, Ukraine and Latvia we are offering a global presence that makes us more experienced, stronger and gives us the opportunity to work even closer with our clients.

VAIMO is amongst MAGENTO's five Global Elite partners. This is a big honour for us and a clear proof of our continuing success in gaining the trust of some of the world's most well-known brands. Our way of integrating our clients' businesses into a safe, robust and flexible process and setting them in the forefront of profitability and customer experience, has made us often the go-to Magento Solution Partner all over the world.


The name VAIMO is derived from the Sami word for 'heart' - no other word is better at describing our heritage, our drive, our culture and our passion for knowledge sharing and cooperation. The Sami are the native people of Scandinavia whose values are shaped by the extreme conditions of the subarctic climate. They live in a world filled with constantly varying challenges and circumstances where success is based on ability to adapt, speed and experience.

Our perspective of the eCommerce landscape is very similar to the subarctic world of the Sami. It's an alluring place pulling you in with its seemingly endless size, but a bit scary at the same time. After all, it's a tough place with constant competition for survival. But imagine if, much like going on a hike to the mountains and bringing a guide along, you could find an experienced guide for your journey in eCommerce as well. Someone with the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed, someone you can trust to think of your business goals first, someone like Vaimo!

VAIMO's spirit/identity embraces everything you should look for to be successful in eCommerce. We are all in - with our heart, mind and expertise - working constantly to provide the best full service eCommerce journey around. We believe that time to market is the key and are ready to take on any challenge. With the help of our talented team of 300+ individuals, who can transform the Magento platform to fit your core business and technology.

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