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We have an exceptional team and we aim to create a very good work environment for our employees. Our staff retention rate speaks volumes about Vaimo's working conditions and how committed our team members are. Keeping our employees happy and motivated is one of our key business focus points and Vaimo's success lies in its devoted and hard-working employees. Below, read what some of our employees have to say about Vaimo.

Also, we are presently working on providing different blog posts about the history of each one of our individual offices, along with a detailed description of what it's like to currently work there. Check out our post about the Vaimo Stockholm headquarters, and our articles about Vaimo Estonia, Vaimo GothenburgVaimo UK, Vaimo South Africa and Vaimo Norway. Our co-founders put an immense amount of thought and effort into crafting an enjoyable environment that fosters personal growth. 

"Vaimo is an international, rapidly growing, high-tech and highly professional company to work at. Recruitment efforts prioritise skills and drive, which results in a diverse, competent and innovative working environment. The two highest focus points of Vaimo are its personnel and its clients, whereby great emphasis is put on promoting the ideas and work satisfaction of individual employees, and on providing value and state-of-the-art solutions to the clients. I further like that the company supports sports and a healthy lifestyle, with members of management team being great and inspiring examples."
Kristiina Lenman, Legal Manager, Stockholm office


"Working in a company that is growing at the rate we are opens many great opportunities to develop in the direction I want to. Unity and fellowship in the office make me want to go to work every day.The mentality that "nothing is impossible" permeates the entire organisation."
Daniel Hultin, Project Manager, Stockholm Office

"Vaimo is a great place to work. Challenging projects and tasks keep me motivated and my own learning curve keeps on rising. It's a good company to make a career in, starting as a junior developer and working your way up to higher positions."
Elvin Risti, Technical Manager, Tallinn office

"Vaimo is a rapidly growing company, which translates into exciting possibilities. We are currently starting new offices around the world, which gives us the opportunity to go there and share our knowledge. It also offers great potential for personal development, such as new roles and more responsibility, as long as you are open and prepared to take a chance when it appears."
Carl Sjögren, Interaction Designer, Stockholm office

"Working at Vaimo is both fun and challenging as a developer. Customers with high demands keep us on our toes every day. I love the fact that even though the company has grown a lot, the organisation is still flat and the working environment is good. It's a great experience working together with a large group of nice, fun, talented, hardworking people in an international company."
Caroline Norin, Frontend Developer, Gothenburg office

"I believe that if you want to be really good at something, you have to surround yourself with the right people and environment. For me, that is the best benefit of working at Vaimo. Vaimo has the people, tools and culture of a fast growing company. I also value that at Vaimo, I have the opportunity to challenge myself in different kinds of projects to grow my level of expertise. I can, without a shout of a doubt, recommend Vaimo to everyone who wants to do the work they love and be successful at building a career."
Juha Pyrrö, Frontend Developer, Oulu office

"There are two main dimensions of personal development for me: family and business. In Vaimo, one can find the perfect equilibrium. I have time to enjoy my close family and my friends - moreover, I've found a lot of friends here. Vaimo cares about employee interests. Here, I can feel the team spirit that helps me to reach new heights, and I'm proud of my success. Vaimo is a business I am very much interested in - it gives me gratification and the feeling of self-cultivation. Thus, Vaimo is not just a job or a work place for me - it is my second home and the place I want to get back to every day."
Anna Smykun, Human Resource Manager, Kiev office

"Working in a company where everybody is encouraged to share ideas and every idea is heard and evaluated, sounds like a dream for many. There is a stereotype about working in a big company: people are resources, teams are production units, etc. Though Vaimo is an international company with many offices in different parts of the world, it continues to be driven by ideas coming from the employees. This is encouraging and motivating, yet at the same time, it teaches you to take responsibility for what you've proposed. Being involved with Vaimo Ukraine from its very first day, I can confirm that each beginning of the company is not only valuable from the business perspective, but it's also a challenge for the employees in allowing them to strengthen their knowledge and gain additional useful skills. We have great projects and we don't get bored!"
Alec Bedzir, Systems Architect & Head of Development, Kiev office

"Vaimo is a company where you can grow as a professional and have a lot of fun with your friendly colleagues. Many incoming big projects make your day-to-day work more challenging and therefore you always learn something new."
Juri Kostjunin, Frontend Developer, Tallinn office

"Working for Vaimo means being part of the fast growth of a young company, being able to influence that growth and in the process experiencing great personal growth. Every day is exciting and makes me enjoy going to work!"
Wilko Nienhaus, CTO, Tallinn office

"Kicking off your career as a web developer for Vaimo is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things you can do as a young professional. Working in one of the most rapidly growing companies in the market together with one of the best Magento developers gives you excellent chances to evolve and progress your career!"
Giorgos Tsioutsiouliklis, Frontend Developer, Stockholm office

"Our challenging clients ask us to push Magento's limits, which is a great obstacle to face as a software developer. What tickles you is the freedom to choose your favourite kind of tasks, and highly motivated co-workers who are fun to work with and confident to take challenges on as a team."
Kaarel Taniloo, Backend Developer, Tallinn office

"Vaimo is growing rapidly, but this growth does not only come from new recruitments. They also invest in the personal development of their existing employees. We have every opportunity to learn and improve as professionals. The company is built on expertise and the foundations are getting stronger every day. Our clients come from different areas of the market with new challenges, so we never get bored. Social people, trainings, team nights, visiting other offices and hackathons are just a few things that spice up our life at Vaimo."
Tamás Szabó, Technical Manager, London office

"What I like about working in Vaimo is the possibility to influence how you work in everything from development tools to project methods. Additionally, you get encouraged to always learn new things and grow your knowledge about the things that you are working on."
Pierre Dahlström, Backend Developer, Stockholm office

"Working at Vaimo is much like marriage vows. You vow to dedicate your passion and you shall be rewarded accordingly."

Michael Kjeldsen, Security Architect, Tallinn office

"Don't think stuffy suits and ties; Vaimo is a place that allows employees to be comfortable in their environment. Vaimo is a dynamic company that caters to large corporations as clients but also still cares about their staff and their well-being." 

Martin Smit, Frontend Developer, Pretoria office

"Since I joined Vaimo, I have had so many opportunities to improve my skills and develop my passions. Vaimo is an international company that gives me the possibility to travel around the world, and I have the chance to work with well-known clients and big projects. It's important for me to grow and challenge myself every day; I can get all this and much more by working at Vaimo. It's also important for me to note that while it's common to feel lonely when you work abroad and are separated from your family and friends, this simply doesn't happen at Vaimo. Our office is like one big family, and I have made so many friends here. Our family is growing daily, and I couldn't imagine a better place and better people to work with." 

Zaneta Baran, Technical Manager, London office

"Vaimo truly encompasses a work culture that encourages growth, friendliness, sharing, and togetherness. With such a focus on these factors, our offices that are scattered around the world, thousands of kilometers apart, feel like they are right next door.  These core values fuel a drive that is in all Vaimoers to be the best..period!"

Bradley Van Der Westhuizen, Project Coordinator, Pretoria office

"Vaimo is like a very large family. Everyone counts, and everyone contributes. When someone struggles, the rest support. When someone excels, everyone celebrates. We are open, fun and ultimately it's what we achieve together that counts. We're all the same, we're all One Vaimo!" 

Maurizio Stella, Sales Manager, London office

"There are many reasons why working at Vaimo, for me, is almost the perfect job. The most important is that Vaimo not only finds ways to utilise all your skills but actively encourages you to spread your wings, extend your skills and reach your full potential. I have been working in development for over 30 years and Vaimo has given me more opportunities in the past 15 months than most companies did in 5-10 years, if ever. You are also surrounded by like-minded people who are extremely supportive of each other. Working for Vaimo is more like being part of a family than a team and a family that strives to be the best in the world at what they do."

Barny Shergold, Technical Manager, London office

"For me, working at Vaimo has probably been the opportunity of a lifetime. To be able to start my career with such knowledgable colleagues and in a company with a strong background like Vaimo - that's something that every new developer in my position would love to have. It's been challenging, it's been fun, and it most definitely has been excellent. So thank you, Vaimo, for having me here!"

Augusts Karklins, Frontend Developer, Valmiera office

"Working at an exciting and fast-growing, company like Vaimo is a great experience for any developer, new or old. There are fantastic opportunities for both personal, and career growth here, and you are surrounded by some truly talented people. In the time I have been here, I have had the opportunity to work on some awesome projects for big, well-known clients, travel the world, make some great friends, and grow professionally and personally. Vaimo really does care about each and every one of us here, which is just another reason to come and join us!"

Glyn Myers, Technical Manager, London office

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