We believe that in eCommerce time to market is the key and reinventing the wheel for each of our projects would be counterproductive for our clients. This is why we offer the benefits of our extensive work in eCommerce to our clients in a simple and effective way in the forms of Engines, Frameworks and Modules.


Every project at Vaimo starts with an Engine. An Engine is essentially our recommended foundation for your online business. This is the starting point for you and our team to help you further plan and design the online store that you envision. 
When we recommend an Engine, we consider the industry you are in, the size and targets of your business and the ambition level that you have with regards to trends and innovation.
 We provide a seamless upgrade path for clients who decide to start with the Community Engine and later on want to upgrade to the Enterprise Engine.


Magento Commerce 
Custom Design Mobile + Content Framework 21+ Modules

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  • Magento Open Source
  • Design Adjustments
  • Mobile Framework
  • 17 Modules

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Vaimo delivers PIM solutions on inRiver Product Marketing Cloud.

InRiver Product Marketing Cloud is a PIM solution for medium and large-sized merchants, allowing anytime everywhere access to enable the merchandising of product content to achieve great customer experience and improved conversions across all touch points. It is perfect for merchants who are experiencing inconsistency in product messaging, operational inefficiencies, and have challenges with disparate product information.  


We have developed a group of proprietary frameworks to improve the functionality and performance of Magento. We believe that we have taken Magento to a completely different level with the below frameworks which help our clients to gain the competitive advantage.


Our custom front-end framework is built from the ground-up.

  • Maximum implementation efficiency & flexibility
  • Optimal performance
  • Improved on-page SEO
  • Native support for all Vaimo modules


      A stable and scaleable integration layer is paramount in every successful project.

      • The foundation for all Vaimo implementations 
      • Standardised format and integration protocol
      • Visible schedule & report interface in Magento Admin Panel
      • Easy to expand and customise


        A key aspect of any consumer-facing site is rich and compelling content.

        • Flexible framework for merging content and catalog
        • Extension of the Magento core category and product architecture
        • Modular and flexible approach to content pages, blocks and widgets
        • Full content management in Magento Admin Panel and on the Front End of your online store in WYSIWYG


        Optimisation for mobile is no small feat and our framework is a foundation for success.

        • Responsive Web Design (RWD)
        • Built-in RESS support for improved performance
        • Core support for touch and swipe gestures
        • Custom content management for small screens


          Every new feature or function that we develop, we build as a module with the intention to make it generic and reusable where possible. We have more than 500 custom Vaimo modules in our library. Below you can find some examples of areas that we have improved and with some of the modules we have developed.


          • Custom menu module with multiple configuration options
          • Custom multi-option filter for true layered navigation
          • Fully optimised for mobile with Responsive Web Design


            • Improved category view with better performance and flexibility
            • Extended configuration product architecture
            • Additional product association registries


              • Improved Magento default search
              • Custom SOLR integration for advanced search
              • Indexing of categories, content, stores etc 


              • Custom checkout module with extensive support for multiple configurations
              • Fully optimised for small screens and mobile devices
              • Core support for multiple payment and shipping options, including Click & Collect 


              • Core integrations with Unifaun and Pacsoft
              • Rich support for click & collect
              • Extended shipping cost table rates


                • Custom modules for multiple local payment methods
                • Klarna, DIBS, Adyen for the Nordics and UK
                • Sagepay, Paypal, MyGate


                • Out of the box price & VAT settings for multiple european markets
                • Fully translated language packs for Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland
                • Multiple modules to further improve localisation


                • Vaimo's revolutionising front-end module for easy drag-n-drop building of pages on the front end
                • Supports multi-store and multi-language content management
                • Build and edit rich content (images, videos) and combining Magento data stored as widgets (products, slideshows) to build rich and dynamic content pages


                • Vaimo's blog module completely integrated into Magento

                PAGE MANAGER

                • Vaimo's module for combining extensive editorial pages by mixing text, images and widgets


                • Variety of Vaimo modules to improve Magento's performance, specifically for Magento Commerce sites
                • Modules include special techniques to buffer cache and clean it periodically, improving load times of category pages when using configurable products and improving product page load times when using configurable products
                • Performance Optimisation measuring, monitoring and debugging tools incorporated as part of Vaimo's module set for pro-active performance service levels

                  AND MORE...

                  • Ajax Wishlist
                  • Persistent Cart
                  • Store Locator
                  • etc


                  The ground work for Vaimo's Products is done by our dedicated Products & Tools department. They focus 100% on providing quality products that can be used by most of our clients. We have developed and refined our products as a result of working with hundreds of eCommerce merchants and brands.

                  Our product and tools department has a clear roadmap to continue delivering cutting edge technology that can be seamlessly incorporated into your Magento platform. 

                  One of the main goals of the products & tools team is to provide our development department with products and tools to speed up the implementation and development process and to simplify the deployment. The net result is lower total cost of ownership for our clients and quicker time to market.

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