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    Lecot-Raedschelders decided it was time to revamp their eCommerce site with a new B2B platform. Lecot wanted a visuals-rich, modern site that would draw in new customers and drive eCommerce with better presentations of products. Lecot also needed to automate product flow and selling procedures, and receive high quality Enterprise-level development and support.

    • 38% Increase in Online Transactions

    • 75% Increase in Online Sales

    • 11% Increase in Average Order Value

    • 60% Increase in Average Time Spent on Site

    • 40% Decrease in Bounce Rate 

    • 75% Increase in Unique Number of Visitors

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    Helly Hansen wanted the perfect mixture of brand and commerce in order to inspire and guide their customers by instilling the customer journey with content and story-telling. Helly Hansen also owns many other sites for B2B, footwear, and more, and they needed to unite all of their sites with the same feel and design.

    • 40% decrease in bounce rate

    • 68% increase in time spent on site

    • 32%  increase in eCommerce conversion rate

    • 56% improvement in average page load time

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  • BAUHAUS Sweden

    BAUHAUS Sweden

    BAUHAUS Sweden wanted a stable and responsive eCommerce platform for their website that would allow them to customise everything and also first-class integration capabilities for their stock management solution and payment options.Vaimo created an online trade environment that suits B2C and B2B buyers alike and provides them with virtual tools that make shopping effortless.The site allows the customer to shop with ease, locate the nearest retailer, order installations and even arrange special deliveries.

    • 120%  - Increase in revenue in last 12 months
    • 75,000 - Visitors per day in high season
    • 58,000 - Visitors per day in normal season
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    Guthy-Renker’s Proactiv+ online store was built on hard-coded, inflexible templates that altered the stability of the shop. They wanted to switch to a responsive-driven design to cater to a mobile-driven target group, to enhance the customer experience and make the shop easier to update internally.

    • 110% increase in organic search

    • 100% more sessions

    • 90%  increase in revenue

    • 125% more transactions on mobile

    • 155% increase in revenue on mobile

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    Björn Borg wanted to make its eCommerce site more user-friendly, improve the checkout-process and make the site more cost-effective. The company selected Magento as it was recommended by other eCommerce companies and selected Vaimo, due to Vaimo’s extensive knowledge and expertise in eCommerce.

    • 50% - Improved conversation
    • 15% - Decrease in cart abandonment
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    Fjällräven’s main goal was to offer their products to customers directly through a site that conveyed the brand’s dedication to outdoor activities and offered functional guides and advice on how and where to use their timeless apparel and outdoor recreation gear. The premium brand wanted to tell their story to their customers in a responsive and useful way- through interviews, photos, and videos on how to take on the great outdoors.

    • 45%   - Increase in new users
    • 45%   - Increase in sessions
    • 90%   - Increase in traffic from mobile
    • 135% - Increase in transactions on mobile
    • 45%   - Increase in revenue
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    Milla Boutique, a unique concept store in Oslo selling furniture, art, new & vintage interior with an international vibe, wanted their online store to reflect their meticulously curated shop. They wanted to sell via story-telling and inspiring images which would culminate in customers seeing not just products, but the whole interior the products create together. The boutique also wanted a blog platform that would allow staff to write stories around their selection of interior pieces.

    • 30% - Decrease in average page load time

    • 35% - Increase in new sessions from mobile

    • 50% - Increase in average order value

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    Absolut Art wanted to offer a channel for artists to reach a global audience and make exclusive art accessible for regular consumers. Vaimo constructed a mobile-first, multi-site solution composed of two sections: Artists, and Artworks.

    • 77%  increase in sessions

    • 105% increase in traffic from mobile

    • 44%  decrease in average page load time

    • 275% increase in organic search


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  • GANT


    As a demanding client with a clear view of what it required visually, GANT presented a challenge which was relished by Vaimo. That vision was largely visual; Vaimo harnessed it and used its experience to produce detailed project plans and specifications against which it could execute.

    • 340% - Increased number of orders
    • 290% - Improved conversion
    • 50% - Lower hosting Cost
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  • Tilbords


    Established over 160 years ago, Tilbords is Norway’s leading retailer of fine kitchenware, porcelain and interior products with some 130 stores located countrywide. With the exploding popularity of online shopping, the company deemed a fully functional ecommerce website an essential component in a competitive marketplace.

    • 38% - Increased average order value 
    • 34% - Improved conversion 
    • 45% - Extra traffic
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  • Cape Union Mart

    Cape Union Mart

    The overall Cape Union Mart project had five key objectives: to re-platform the website to Magento Enterprise, enable attraction, to process and fulfil a significantly greater number of online transactions and to integrate Magento into the current environment. 

    • 140% - Increase in Traffic
    • 650% - Increase in Transactions
    • 235% - Increase in Conversion Rate
    • 600% - Increase in Revenue
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  • BAUHAUS Denmark

    BAUHAUS Denmark

    BAUHAUS Denmark wanted to be able to present their large assortment of products on their site and easily upload content. They recognised that physical advertisement flyers often did not make it to their customers, and BAUHAUS Denmark wanted a digital and responsive way to connect with their customers, via desktop, mobile and tablet.

    • 130% - Growth in revenue in last 12 months
    • 55,000 - Visitors per day in high season
    • 28,000 - Visitors per day in normal season
    • 47% - Visitors to site from mobile
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