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Take a look at why some of the well-known global and local brands have put their trust in Vaimo to help make their eCommerce journey a success.


"Vaimo offered us the chance to really leverage their experience in eCommerce and with Magento. From the very beginning, the heart and soul of Vaimo came across very well, and we felt the same values echo throughout the project. There is a strong work ethic and a desire to deliver the best possible result - consistently. We've been very happy working with the team at Vaimo." 

Sandy Pattisson, Systems and Operations Director at The Proactiv Company

"The Lounge Co chose Vaimo because they are the industry leader, Magento's premier partner, and their portfolio is respectable. We needed a solution provider that understood our vision for a multichannel business model, and one who could help us meet our customers at all touch points in the same manner. We felt secure and confident that if we chose Vaimo, they could deliver our vision to us through an online solution."

Joe Ellis, Business Development Manager at Sofa Brands International

"When we narrowed down our platform choice to Magento, we found that Vaimo is the largest and most skilled agency in Sweden. We heard a lot of good things about Vaimo, and liked their extensive portfolio."

Mikael Lindblad, Chief Marketing Officer at Nutrinovate

"After we chose Magento, the next logical step was to reach out to the best Magento solution partner. As Vaimo was the only Magento Gold Partner in South Africa, we went with Vaimo and after the deployment of our new web shop, we are glad we did."

Warrick Kernes, Founder and Managing Director of Action Gear

"I was impressed by the well-known websites that Vaimo has launched in South Africa, such as CUM Books, Cape Union Mart, and Old Khaki. After engaging with Vaimo, we went with them and embarked on making the Urban Animal eCommerce concept a reality. " 

Leon Nel, Owner at Urban Animal

"We chose Vaimo based on the company's credentials - on the brands and merchants they have worked with, the solutions they have delivered, and their Magento Gold Partner status. Vaimo's not your typical agency - they design, develop and integrate complex systems. We researched various eCommerce solution providers extensively, and felt that Vaimo's work spoke for itself. As this was our first online shop, our goal was to work with a solution provider who knew their provided platform inside and out, and who could bring our vision to life."

Martin Lond, eCommerce Development Manager at Kaubamaja

"When we encountered Vaimo, we knew right away why they are one of the leading Magento partners - they understood eCommerce and what we were looking for in our eCommerce site. Vaimo has demonstrated, over and over again, that they can offer us the best functionality and design, and do so within our budget. We are very content that Vaimo has assisted us in offering our customers a direct line of communication to our brand that exhibits our products while persuading our customers to enjoy the great outdoors."

Peter Moore, Webmaster at Fenix Outdoor E-com

"We carefully examined various platforms and eCommerce solution providers, and we believed that Vaimo was the right company for us, as Vaimo works exclusively with the Magento platform, and focuses on delivering the best online retail solutions via one platform."

Minna Parikka, Designer and Owner of Minna Parikka

"Vaimo presented our project in a very professional manner and we found the total cost of the project more than fair. Hexaplan has daughter companies in Sweden and Norway, and we wanted to work with a partner who has presence and experience in delivering B2B eCommerce projects on Magento in those markets, and who is familiar with the special requirements of those markets. Since our products come from different manufacturers, drop shipping was imperative for us, although it is not something that Magento is generally built for. Vaimo was able to support all of our complex shipping needs and automate the process. We now have a web shop that effectively supports our B2B business."

Mirva Enroos, Marketing Manager at Hexaplan Oy

"The objective was to find an eCommerce solutions provider who could work quickly and who had a firm grasp of Magento's inner workings. Vaimo knows Magento, and mobile and responsiveness is second nature to them. We were looking to create a beautiful, responsive site with a great user and brand experience. Our mobile figures speak for themselves - we have seen a drastic increase in mobile visitors and mobile conversion rates."

Johanna Widomski, Ecommerce Manager at Vallila Interior

"We chose Vaimo based on their previous success stories with clients such as Gant, Björn Borg, and IJP Design."

 Ian Clegg, Sales Director at Frank Clegg Leatherworks

"Vaimo allowed us to quickly implement a flexible B2C solution which we can maintain locally without extensive resource allocation. This allows us to better serve our customers and also become instantly competitive in terms of giving patient access to accessories for their implants."

Alan Raffauf, VP of Marketing, Oticon Medical US

"We had a good experience in the past with individuals working at Vaimo on other IT solutions related projects. Darakjian Jewelers was looking for an eCommerce solution provider who would understand our vision - to provide luxury jewelry and watches to a wider audience through a well-designed and easy-to-navigate web shop.Vaimo's design and unique solutions convinced us that they were the right partner for us."

Ara Darakjian, President at Darakjian Jewelers

"When we decided that we would continue working with Magento for the foreseeable future, the next logical step was to find the best developer for our platform, one that was truly committed to all-things Magento. Vaimo's name came up a few times and then we met them at the 2015 Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas. We were looking for a long-term partner and it was important for us to work with a vendor that is interested investing in our continued success and not just a short-term project. That's why we chose Vaimo."

Jamie Wardlow, Director of Marketing at HYLETE

"The launch of Jack Store in the UK is a stepping stone for us and we are looking to expand our eCommerce capabilities into other markets and brands. Vaimo's approach and capabilities coupled with their Magento experience made them an easy choice for us, and they have been a key factor in helping us successfully bring the website to market."

Karen Taylor, Ecommerce Manager of Jack Daniel's UK

"The most important factor for us was Vaimo's vast experience with Magento and their Gold Partner status. There is a major difference between working with a partner that experiences growing pains with you while spending both of your resources, versus working with a partner who knows exactly how to achieve your goals. With over 400 completed eCommerce solutions, it's safe to say it's not necessary to learn along with Vaimo and we feel confident in leaving Magento's configurations and settings to the care of the trusted professionals at Vaimo. Another crucial element for us was Vaimo's presence in Estonia, which made our communication process much easier."

Katrin Lepp, IT Services Project Manager at Tallinna Kaubamaja Group

"Vaimo has created a site that connects our in-store customers to our online presence. Where our product line ends in the store, it continues online and it really connects us to our buyers."

Klaus Hedegaard, IT Manager at BAUHAUS Denmark

"Vaimo has helped BAUHAUS bring the complexity of home improvement retail to the web in a simple and cost-efficient manner. Vaimo has delivered a stable platform that supports our growth and our business. Vaimo is a group of energetic people with a proven track record of delivering valuable solutions on a consistent basis."

Steen Hestehauge, Ecommerce and System Manager at BAUHAUS Sweden

"We chose to work with Vaimo because of the company's great reputation, references and the large amount of certified Magento developers. As a result of collaborating with Vaimo, we now have better tools to work with in terms of marketing and sales. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with Vaimo."

Fredrik Karlberg, E-commerce Manager at Dr. Denim

"When we were trying to find a solution provider that would help us create a new B2B eCommerce solution, we reviewed both eCommerce platforms and different suppliers by using the same internal process. We went with Vaimo because of their vast experience and expertise in providing non-standard and specialised solutions on the Magento platform."

Verner Hølleland, Country General Manager, Printing & Personal Systems at Hewlett-Packard Norway

"We were seeking more than just a solution supplier. We wanted a partner we can work together with and take Kalevala Koru's eCommerce business to the next level. We were impressed with Vaimo's international UX team - the workshops we had with them were very inspirational and professional. We chose Vaimo because of their proven ability to deliver projects in short timeframes and their first-rate UX and design proposal."

Mikko Koskenoja, eCommerce Manager, Kalevala Koru

"We wanted to continue using Magento platform and wanted to work with a solution partner located in Stockholm area. Our team had experience with Vaimo and its services in the past, so we knew about their working methods. As Vaimo is considered to be a leader in developing and implementing e-commerce solutions on the Magento platform in Sweden, the decision to go for them was relatively easy."
Ingrid Söderlund, Head of Digital & Ecommerce at Filippa K

"Vaimo spoke knowledgeably about the advantages and pitfalls of implementing a project the size of ours. Vaimo's clear understanding of Magento platform and our ERP system, their creditable company track record, convinced us to partner with them."
Nick Bennett, Cape Union Mart

"Vaimo's competent and skilled front and back end developers have contributed a great deal to our e-commerce projects through their skills and very relevant recommendations. Vaimo in general has demonstrated a high level of commitment and availability."
Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Marketing & Communication Manager at Björn Borg

"It was not just about us liking the Magento eCommerce platform. We also had a good experience collaborating with Vaimo's team in the sales process. We felt there was a synergy between the two companies, but we also relied on Vaimo's exceptional background in delivering more than 400 eCommerce solutions when making our final decision."
Tobias Karlsson-Malmborg, Marketing Manager at Plantagen

"With customer shopping habits changing we had to change as a business to be able to manage the multi-channel environments where our customers are shopping in and needed to improve our eCommerce site. We were looking for a solution partner who could take our eCommerce solution to a new level. Vaimo as a supplier stood out because of their vast experience with global eCommerce and extensive expertise with omnichannel and in business processes in general."
Simon Collins, Ecommerce Manager at Pavers

"Vaimo was selected on the basis of a proven track record in delivering e-commerce sites that drive traffic and improve conversion rates, ultimately turning browsers into buyers. Vaimo's ability to understand GANT's requirements, migrate data from one platform to another and deliver a visually satisfying and easily-managed online store has proven invaluable to us."

Anna Carlqvist, GANT

"After experiencing disappointment with e-commerce solution providers in Norway we looked abroad for necessary expertise and track-record. That search led us to Vaimo, who operates internationally and has also presence in Norway from spring 2013. Vaimo has a sound reputation and is highly recommended by its happy clients. We were very satisfied with the proposed architecture and also the competence of Vaimo personnel."
Geir Langbakken, Managing Director at Tilbords

"We did a thorough research and discovered that one of the only solution providers who had prior experience working with our ERP system - Sage X3 - in the UK was Vaimo. After meeting the team we were confident that Vaimo could deliver a solution that covers TIMco's unique requirements as a B2B business. They also came over to our head office in the UK and demonstrated that Magento platform is right for our type of business, to manage the complexities we have to tackle and our chosen design structure. Vaimo's team assured to us that there wouldn't be many barriers for integrating Sage X3 with Magento - we put our trust in them and they delivered."
Rebecca Fortescue, Marketing Manager at TIMco

"Our existing relationship with Vaimo meant a smooth eCommerce project flow and turnaround time. All of our expectations were met on time and the support after the new web site launch has been commendable."

Amanda Herson, Head of Ecommerce at Cape Union Mart Group

"We had already decided to go with a U.S. based provider, the 25th Hour. Last minute, we reviewed Vaimo's offerings and found that there were flexibilities on the sites Vaimo has developed that greatly enhanced consumer experience. After going through the www.bjornborg.com site and seeing how the shopping cart functioned, along with some of the other unique solution presentations on the Magento platform, we knew we needed to take a closer look at Vaimo. That was the beginning of our move to Vaimo as a solution partner."

John McPheters, Flight Club

"We have really appreciated the knowhow Vaimo has provided us so far and their level of expertise in e-commerce. They have also been flexible where needed, which has been important factor in our growing and changing business environment."

Shadim Hussain, Chief Executive Officer at Top Streetwear

"Mont Blanc selected Vaimo as their implementation partner due to Vaimo's extensive industry experience and its approach to understanding the client business goals before embarking on an e-commerce project. Vaimo has been very professional in its approach, and made an effort to understand our business."

Thomas Nilsson, IT Manager at Mont Blanc Group

"Having personally experienced working on a successful e-commerce project on the Magento platform with Vaimo in the past, I was confident that we would create an exceptional showcase for IJP Design when we chose Vaimo as a solution partner. We wanted something that stands out from the crowd, like the company ambassadors (including Ian Poulter) and Vaimo has helped to deliver exactly that."
Siobhan Kos, IJP Design

"Vaimo's team showed a real interest and understanding in our type of business. Their communication and explanations during the sales process were very clear and precise. We felt confident that Vaimo was the right solution provider to establish a long-term business relationship with. This all was backed up by Vaimo's impressive track record of work and recent success stories."
Michelle Rowley, Co-founder at Kaibosh

"When we were looking around for an e-commerce solution partner, it seemed that everyone pursued e-commerce as a sideline to other various development areas. Vaimo, however, seemed to eat, sleep and breathe e-commerce. Their passion, confidence and knowledge on the e-commerce subject was the main reason that made us comfortable to partner with Vaimo for a project that is very important to us. The other factor that secured the deal, was the fact that the Vaimo team in South Africa are great at communicating. Any time we have a question, we just pick up the phone or send an e-mail and we are guaranteed an answer rooted in years of experience. "
Kyle Meenehan, Community Manager at Trappers

"We had already decided on the Magento e-commerce platform and Vaimo was the best solution provider of Magento we could find. We looked at their existing web shops and also had friends who had successfully worked with Vaimo on other projects. After the very first meeting, we noticed that we understood each other very well. Since we started to work with Vaimo in 2010, we have had an annual increase of about 80% in orders and 90% increase in revenue."
Henrik Svensson, Chief Executive Officer at Deinetorte

"We have been working with Vaimo on several e-commerce projects since 2012. Their level of competence and knowhow on the Magento platform and also Vaimo's experience working with many other fashion retail brands has been very important for us as we have gained invaluable advice throughout the years."
David Vallin, Ecommerce Director at RNB Retail and Brands AB

"When we chose the solution provider for our e-commerce project, Vaimo was by far the most specialised in the field of e-commerce. We went through a gruelling task of trying to find the best supplier to take Vodacom 4U to the top of the food chain in e-commerce. No one came close to the solution that Vaimo offered us."
Jarryd Chatz, Youth Specialist / New Business Opportunities Manager at Vodacom 4U

"After having approached several suppliers in the UK and abroad, including Vaimo, we felt they were the right Magento solution partner to help to develop AVS Fencing new site. Vaimo has been highly professional, taking the time to understand our business and needs. Vaimo's wide portfolio together with their expertise has made them better positioned than anyone else to advise us on how to continuously improve our eCommerce environment."
Stephen Dalton, AVS Fencing

"We wanted choose the best in the e-commerce industry and Vaimo had a proven track record. Vaimo proposed us a great solution compared to other solution providers, as well as providing a lot of personal attention. The fact that Vaimo is Magento's Gold Solution Partner gives us a piece of mind."
Michael Gonsalves, Founder and Chief Operating Officer at iBags

"It's crucial for us to be associated with the best, with a company who has delivered very good e-commerce solutions, provides excellent service and is powered by good partners. Vaimo has vast knowledge of ERP, CRM and our product master databases and they have helped us to succeed with our eCommerce strategy."
Tintswalo Shilowa, Head of ICT at SABS

"We wanted to use specifically the Magento platform, and found that Vaimo was the only Magento Gold Solution Partner in Africa. Vaimo also has an extensive knowledge about ERP and CRM systems, which was especially useful for us as we were integrating our web shop with our ERP and Warranty Management Systems."
Rainer Schreiber, Managing Director at TSS Tools Systems Solutions

"We chose Vaimo because they deliver an end-to-end solution. They understood our needs very well and together we developed a tailor-made eCommerce site to compliment our brand. Vaimo has also some of South Africa's largest retailers on board and they are the only Magento Gold Solution Partner in Africa."
Zeyn Manjra, Managing Director at Kids Closet

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